Paradise Hotel Refund Policy »
As Paradise Hotel offers an option to purchase, we offer no refunds meaning all payments are final. The reason being is because we don't want people purchasing VIP and then getting banned or mad at us and then wanting a refund. In order for you to make a donation for VIP, you will need a verified PayPal account or else you can't donate. The VIP feature is 100% instant wihich means you will receive your items if you have a successful payment and then you load into the Hotel. To see the VIP benefits, visit the VIP page by clicking "Shop" in our main site. Donating for VIP is not a required thing and you will not be treated differently if you don't wish to donate.

Breaking this policy includes:
  • Requesting a refund via PayPal.
  • Opening a dispute via PayPal.
  • Asking an Administrator/Staff for a refund.

  • Paradise Hotel is not responsible for:
  • Failed transactions.
  • "Accidental" donations.
  • Excuse of "my account was hacked."
  • Phishing websites.
  • You not reading the Refund Policy.

  • All money donated to Paradise Hotel goes directly into server fees, domain fees, and new equipment for the Hotel. Any extra proceeds made get directly put away for any future use. No money goes into our staff or ourselves pockets. Therefore, your money is going somewhere safe. Your generosity is highly encouraged and very much appreciated by the Hotel.

    Money requested for refund as well as disputes will automatically be denied. Breaking this policy can result in an IP ban, account termination, and website/server ban. By purchasing VIP, you automatically agree to this policy and will not break it.

    Last Revised: January 17th, 2013