Hotel Rules

Require to everyone to read and follow 1. No spamming 2. No Swearing/Cursing at Anytime 3. Do not abuse Perms as President Of VIP/ Helper 4. To get help contact a @šŸ¶Paradise HelperšŸ¶ or a @STAFF member 5. Do not show any NSFW(21+) At anytime in the server 6. You may advertise only with permission from giveaways or @STAFF 7. Music with strong language is allowed but it can not be extreme cursing 8. During an investigation of a problem leave the choices with @STAFF 9. Do not ask for staff rares at any time 10. Do not bully/cyber bully in the server or game at any time 11. Be Respectful to all peers and @STAFF 12. Racism is not allowed 13. Arguing is permitted at all times 14. Do not ask for staff at any time. You can only apply 15. Do not post aggressive or 21+ Links in this server at any times 16. Do not mention hacking 17. Hackers are permitted of hacking 18. Do not abuse your chances of contacting staff 19. Being blocked can result a IP Ban 20. Abusing google forms may result in a google problem with your network 21. Do not do any hacking 22. Only games GTA V / ROBLOX is allowed to be mentioned 23. Do not mention any discord servers without permission 24. Do not go against @STAFF decisions 25. Do not DM/ mention any IP grabbers Thanks For reading these rules. We wish you the best lifetime ever at :crown:Paradise Hotel:crown:. These rules are very important to read before doing anything in the server. Swearing is not allowed because kids or low aged people may be in the server. Hacking or stealing information from Paradise Hotel you can and will be sued by @Paradise Management Team .
  • If you do not agree to these rules, then you are free to leave.
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